The Red Door Creations logo features the front door of the Barney's home. The red door represents the combination of our passion for both the arts and our home and family. Red Door Creations is a home based cottage industry featuring fine art and crafts by Tara Barney and Andrew Barney.

Tara and Andrew live with their son, Jacob, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Together they have been creating fine art for over nine years. Both have participated in the many aspects of the fine arts and crafts industry including production, management, marketing and sales.

Tara designs handcrafted jewelry; this includes her nationally featured corn jewelry. Additionally she fashions hand knitted scarves and offers commissioned fine art drawings. Recently Tara has started providing jewelry crafting workshops. Andrew paints landscapes, creates sculptures and provides custom woodwork. Red Door Creations offers wholesale pricing for an assortment of our products.

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  • Tara was awarded a $5,000 grant from the South Dakota Dept. of Rehabilitation in March of 2012! She used the money to purchase a laptop, tools, and ergonomic equipment to make it easier for her to work with her disabilities.
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