The Red Door Creations logo features the front door of the Barney's home. The red door represents the combination of our passion for both the arts and our home and family. Red Door Creations is a home based cottage industry featuring fine art and crafts by Tara Barney and Andrew Barney.

Tara and Andrew live with their son, Jacob, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Together they have been creating fine art for over eleven years. Both have participated in the many aspects of the fine arts and crafts industry including teaching, production, management, marketing and sales.

Tara designs handcrafted jewelry; this includes her nationally featured corn jewelry. Additionally she draws with graphite and colored pencil and offers commissioned fine art drawings. Recently Tara has started providing jewelry crafting workshops, Wilton cake decorating and drawing classes for adults and kids craft workshops at Joann Fabrics and Crafts. She taught collage, corn mosaic classes and co-teached beginning drawing classes with Andrew in the summer of 2014 for people affected by cancer through the Sioux Falls Arts Council.

Andrew paints landscapes, creates sculptures and provides custom woodwork. Red Door Creations offers wholesale pricing for an assortment of our products.

  • Read Tara's interview:Empty Easel!
  • Tara was the Gift Shop Manager and Volunteer Coordinator for the Horse Barn Art Center. Andrew worked mentored students at the Horse Barn Art Center and for WILD which is a science and art based group for children with learning disorders
  • Tara was featured in the February 2012 issue of Sioux Falls Woman and She Magazine in April 2011!
  • See Red Door Creations corn jewelry in the March 2012 issue of South Dakota Magazine, Forbes, Business Week, Yahoo! News and media around the world.
  • Red Door Creations has been in the juried Artists of the Plains show for four years.
  • For information on classes, call (605) 941-1825
  • For our latest creations click on our Facebook link below!
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